Jonas Daniel Kasimir Johansen is an artist from Klepp, Norway. Born in Tromsø Desember 14, 1992, the Northern Star of Scandinavia and seen chilling on some weird mushrooms in Stavanger(Geoparken) in the images over this very text.

He works with drawing, painting, video editing, poems, film, music and maybe you.

He finished studying at the Stavanger Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. Jonas captures people’s attention by leading them into a world composed of intricate perspectives, strong colors, and weird portraits. I am down to try any small or big project, video-game art, clothing design, art installments, grafitti projects, scenery, detail work in sound, editing, music or film, or


totally new, so just contact me and it could work and if nothing works, well.. then we’ll do …

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(Young Link walks into a bar, fairy says)

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Around what you see is where you can not be”

Power Quotes: 

Mmm, yes ok.”

“I have yet to make something, everything was allready done.”

“If a wasp was about to sting me, i would say some words.”

Absolutely perfection is all, i am.”

“Some say behind a big house, is a big rat.”

“I am just in time for my own death.”

“All power quotes are dumb.”

“Except this one.”

How bold of you to claim.”

“It is with greatest pleasure and end.”

“Here we go again, more quotes…”

“I watch the world, as a big gif“.

“You forgot a t“.

“Thank you”.

“My greatest quote yet”.

“Power lies where the ring controls the medusas distrust”.

“I distrust myself of ever being truly fearless.”

“I will have failed life, if i should do in my own ego.”

“A history of words, that creates ideas, of what you allready are”